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FISHING IS GREAT ALL YEAR ROUND!!!!  Please call the lodge at 406-338-5770 to get current and accurate updates during each season.


Welcome to Montana's Duck Lake Lodge fishing information page. This page will be dedicated to providing you with the best knowledge of the fish around the northern part of the Blackfeet nation.

Some days we get great reports and other days we get none. The Blackfeet nation is known for monster trout. The crystal clear streams and spring waters of the Blackfeet nation provide excellent fish habitat. The fish growth rate of one inch per month for the first two years are common here. Fishermen can expect to land three pound fish and not uncommon to catch a five to 7 pound fish. There are various species of fish here.

With Glacier National park at our front door the seasons for fishing can be great with every month during the spring, summer and fall. Fishing here with a guide is the best way as the lakes can be hard to find and are not heavily fished. You can spend a lot of time looking or just hire a guide and go right to excellent fishing. I recommend at least one day with a professional.

For river fishing or any rafting experience you don't want to float with anyone but Bob Arends. If you are needing flies, Arends fly shop will supply you with anything you need for your fishing trip. Here Bob hand ties all his flies. We are starting a fly selection and Bob is helping us get a much better selection of flies.

We also have another fantastic outfitter by the name of John Fitzgerald. John and his family are our neighbors and are always at the lodge. He's a great guide and he knows how to hunt. You can learn more about John here: www.chiefmtn.com

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